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Love is a strange thing.

It is a flower, so delicate that a touch will break it

& so strong that nothing will stop its growth.

Think how often we miss love in a life time by a wrong gesture,

by an unspoken word, by not keeping silent at the right time.

We lose it by interference of other people,

by a lack of money and communication,

by a quarrel over something stupid and yet,

we cannot live without it.

They say there is no special day to confess your feelings to the one you truly love. No time can be inappropriate to say ‘I Love You’. But we do sideline these words in our busy lives. Give this 14th February a chance to fill your and your loved ones world with happiness. Add moments, special and magical to your life.

Tell your mom how much you love the food she cooks. Rest on your daddy’s shoulder and tell him how incomplete life is without him. Hug your siblings and confess that they make life all the more fun.

This Valentine’s day, make your special ones feel special. Be they mother, father, grandparents, brother or sister. This day of love does not just mean holding your partner’s hands and saying how much they mean to you but also making that every person feel your love who plays a significant role in the movie of your life. Take out time on this day of the year, go out and tell every friend, ‘Hey buddy! You make the world a better place. Love you for being my friend.’ Small meetings, little surprises, a simple but heartfelt messege, ‘I care’ makes all the difference.

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