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We always admit our products are a reflection of the people we create them for and this one is no different. The foremost thought in our head while customising this pair or Shweta Tripathi was to make it as fun, wacky and cute as her. She is a dose of quirk and we wanted our art to represent just that.

After getting to know their journey from day One (up in the air) to their personalised wedding invites. From the absolutely adorable proposal to their well thought of engagement ring design. We decided upon narrating their story through cute little doodle elements on a White Slip on Vans. Theatre masks, scuba diving, Nemo and much much more in happy colours. ‘Battata’ and ‘Cheeta’ on either outer sides of the shoes.

May your happy-nays keep growing in tons.

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  1. Abir July 3, 2018 at 11:22 pm Reply

    Wow! Amazing doodle.
    The effect is superb!


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