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We’re in the most exciting part of the year – the WEDDING season!

As fun and exciting as this time may be, it is equally nerve-wrecking for the bride and groom. It’s the time when all those childhood daydreams are turned into reality.

With that in mind (and our undying love for wedding frenzy), we have curated ideas from the heart that can aid you in marking the moment and sealing it for eternity. Little quirks and tokens for not only the big day but all the other shenanigans. Whether you are the ecstatic bride to be, the frantic groom or the ladkiwalas/ladkewalas, we have something up our sleeve for every one of you.

Bridesmaids are like champagne – sparkling, bubbly and fancy af!

So how could they be treated any less. After all soul sisters have predominantly always remained before misters. Pop the big question ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ with loads of sass and a touch of personalization with our Hand Painted Caps and Trunks.
It’s the moment to really enjoy with each other. Indeed, the best way to energize yourself for the wedding and the huge life change. Bring on the champagne in our Customized Champagne Glasses for the princess and her tribe.

The wedding does bring about equal excitement in the groom’s life.

So why should the girl just have all the fun. Customize our Caps or Champagne Glasses for your guy gang.

Weddings are so much more than just a one-day affair.

Several chances of celebrations, parties and sun-downers add up to the merriness. So how about some Hand Painted Pyjama Sets and T-shirts. Your love story however lovely or arranged, narrated through colors and details speaking of your special bond of togetherness. If you are a bride who likes to stands out from the rest, a custom painted doodle lehenga for the mehendi. So much fun!

Reach us in the comments below or write to us on srishti@esbe.in. We promise to make this gala affair much much more memorable for you.

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  1. Pooja December 16, 2018 at 9:20 pm Reply

    Hi Srishti
    Awesome gifts! I want to get a Couple shoes made. 2 pairs – One for me and one for my husband.
    I have shared the design idea on your email. Please reply.

  2. mamta December 19, 2018 at 12:54 am Reply

    this is awesome. I would like to play order for bride groom shoes. please tell me how.

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